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Madhuvana karedare…

I have been hypnotised by this song for some days now.

Hats off to Jayanth kaikini for the amazing lyrics, Chinmayee for her angel like voice and Sadhu Kokila for the music. ^:)^ You guys have done a wonderful job. Thanks.

Song: Madhuvana karedare

Movie: Inti ninna preethiya

Madhuvana karedara,tanumana seLedare,
sharanaagu neenu aadare (2)

birugaaLiyalli teli, hosa gaLige bandidhe,
kanasondhu maiyya muridhu, baa baLige yendidhe,
sharanaaaagu aadare, sereyaagu aadare …

Madhuvana karedare …

kaNgaLali kanasina kulumey, hoLeyuthidhe jeevadha volumey
beLakalli noDu aadare,
maiyalla chandrana guruthu, hesarello hogidhe marethu,
naan yaaru heLu aadare …

Madhuvana karedare …

manasina hasi baNNagaLalli, neeneLeva rekhegaLalli,
naa muDabeku aadare,
yeduridhhu kareyuve yeke, jothe iddu mareyuve yeke, ninnolavu nijave aadare!

madhuvana karedare,tanumana seLedare
sharanaagu neenu aadare

birugaaLiyalli teli, hosa gaLige bandidhe
kanasondhu maiyya muridhu, baa baLige yendidhe,
sharanaaaagu aadare, sereyaagu aadare…

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Haage summane..

This is one of my favourite song. I have been planning to pen down the lyrics, but the time wasn’t just right! Bah! Here it is. Haage summane title track from the movie Haage summane (duh!)



Maayavaagidhe manasu, haage summane
gaayava maaDidhe kanasu, haage summane
mohadalli beeLuva, madhuravaadha bhaavane
eega thaane bandidhe, neeDadhe suchane (2)

tumbi hoyitheegale, nanna dinachari
yella putadhalu, avaLadhe vaikhari
avaLa niluvugannaDi, punya maDidhe
rupa thaaLi ninthidhe, nannadhe kalpane


nanna haaDinallidhe, avaLa sangathi
jaari aagali, jeevadha mahithi
yelle horatu nintharu, alle thalupuve
jasti heLalaarenu, khasagi yochane


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The day was April 23rd. The big day. The voting day. I, as other responsible citizen of India (yes, the 52% of the population (in Bangalore) who voted, not the rest) was ready to make my vote count.

Considering my constituency to be Bangalore South, I found all the 3 representatives from Congress (Byre Gowda), BJP (Ananth Kumar) and Independent candidate (Captain Gopinath) to be equally eligible. I even went through their ‘net-portofolios’ to see what they have done to the city. Hmm..nothing much, but not bad either.

On the voting day, to my utter surprise, I found my constituency to be Bangalore RURAL ! Bangalore Rural ? Since when JP nagar 9th phase became rural ???

When I looked at the ‘contenders’ list, I didn’t feel like casting my vote. None of the representatives were good enough. NONE. The person who painted my nail blue had no idea about Rule 49-O. I had no choice but to vote for someone, someone who had a history of corruption. Sigh!

I wasted my ‘precious’. But thats not the point. I don’t mind voting anyone as long as there is ‘positive’ development and zero corruption. We NEED change.

Finally, a last word to all the parties. Please don’t let my vote go wasted. Whoever wins, please act sensibly and responsibly. Develop this country by eradicating illiteracy and unemployment. Please help poor people to rise above poverty line. Provide them shelter and a job to survive. Remembering the minority only during the elections has been happening since stone ages. Please do something in return. Encourage poor children to attend school by providing free meals. Provide scholarships to those who can’t afford higher studies. Support farmers. Farmers make the backbone of this country and they are falling because of the unbearable debts. Protect the people by providing security from terrorists, Hindu fanatics (Yes, those who take the violence path) and even petty thieves. Caste system is a bane. Banish untouchability in villages (It exists. People are still ill-treated in some villages). India is a secular country. Don’t let religion influence any of your decisions. We don’t want another Godhra or Babri riot. About technological progress, Please support scientists to do whatever research they are doing (Our scientists are smarter than those in NASA (not a joke!). They know what they are doing!). Improve infrastructure of all the major cities as the roads are getting congested and the traffic is multiplying like a deadly virus. Every hour we spend in this traffic, we lose 2 days of our lifeline! Gah! just a joke, but you get the point. I am talking about pollution. Please, do something for our next generation. Even they have the right to breathe fresh air. Don’t they ? Government should instantiate vanamahotsava in all the villages, cities and wherever possible).

Apart from all these things, Support art and sports. Lets win some olympics. Shall we ?

Now, that, according to me, is Rama rajya. Don’t you think ?

Thanks for reading.

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For her..

Hey, You are too much bothered about your social life than your education. Take it easy. With ‘higher class comes bigger problems’. Keep that in mind.

This is not for YOU. This is for HER.

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Sri lankan cricket team attacked..

Terrorists strike again, this time, in Pakistan. 2 terrorists (some reports say 10) attacked the bus carrying Srilankan players to the Gaddafi stadium. I can’t believe the audacity of these terrorists.  Thankfully, none of the players were seriously injured and everyone is out of danger. But unfortunately, 5 police men were killed. The attack took place at the center of Lahore amidst high security ! So far, no terrorist organisation have come forward to take the ‘credit’ for this episode of terror. Whether there was a security lapse, or, the terrorists had a well sketched plan. However, its the subcontinent which has taken the beating. Ugh.

India cricket team was supposed to tour Pakistan. But it backed out after Mumbai’s attack on Nov 26th. Srilanka voluntarily went to Pakistan to play 2 test matches. Who expected such thing to happen anyway ?

Looking at the situation at this moment, I don’t know which team would dare to visit Pakistan to play cricket (or any other sport for that matter). 

Uncertainty hovers over Cricket World cup 2011, which is supposed  to be played in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Srilanka. Its more unlikely to happen. 

Its a shame for Pakistan
* who are unable (or not willing ) to curb terrorism (even after taking millions of dollars of aid from USA )
* and also for allowing Taliban to grow in their backyard like weed.

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India – From a foreigner’s point of view!

What is all this hype over Slumdog Millionaire winning Oscars ? It is just another award ceremony ! I am sure, if the same movie was directed and produced by an Indian, it wouldn’t even have nominated for Oscars. This movie is definitely not extra ordinary. I feel Lagaan or Taare zameen par was far better than this. Also the music of ‘Jai ho’ isn’t as great as A.R.Rehman’s earlier hits. Roja, Bombay or even the recently released movie Delhi-6 forces the listener to enter into an ‘infinite loop’ !

Oh, and politicians, like rats, are trying their best to utilize this opportunity to gain minority’s (the slumdwellers) votes. Ugh! You bastards.
You can trust a Hobo, but not a politician.

All in all, Slumdog Millionaire is just another bollywood movie directed and produced by a foreigner 🙂

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Shame on you!

Sri Rama sene (The hypocrites) – Shame on you for using Lord Rama’s name for doing such SHITTY HORRIBLE SHAMEFUL acts.

Dakshina Kannada police/Mangalore police – Shame on you for not taking quick action against ‘the saviours of Hindutva‘  (Bleh).

BJP – Shame on you for neglecting the issue and for letting hooligan organisations like Sri Rama sene, Bajrang Dal to grow.

First of all, Do you (yes, you, the hypocrite fools) even know what Hindutva means ? Is molesting women a part of Hindutva ? Beating/brutally assaulting women is Hindutva perhaps ? Who the fuck are you to protect Hindutva ? Who gave you the rights to snatch someone elses freedom ? I am sure even Talibans would have treated their women better. My blood reached its ‘boiling point’ when I saw the video footage of men (men ? really ? I doubt) dragging women out of the pub, hitting them black and blue. THIS IS NOT HINDUTVA. I am also 100% sure that 99% of Sri Rama sene guys keep their eyes, ears, mouth wide open while watching ‘item numbers’  in the movies. Isn’t that true ? Eh ? Honestly speaking, you guys are a bunch of jokers making fun of Hindutva at International level. Haha! The joke is on you. 

Women have equal rights as men do and if they wish to go to pubs, let them go. If they want to drink, let them drink. What the hell is your problem ?  Why does that hurt you so much ? Ever heard of the word FREEDOM ? NON-VIOLENCE ? I don’t think so.

Having said that, all those who are found guilty should be severely punished. This should serve as a warning to all the dumb protectors of Hindutva who think they can do whatever they want and get away with it. The government should wake up from its deep sleep and do atleast something in favor of the society.

PS. I was taught this when I was in school. Its never too late. You should learn this too.

Yatr nariyastu poojayante ramante tatr devah, meaning, where the women are worshipped, there the gods dwell.

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The twisted Bollywood…

I watched Rab ne banadi jodi (in short, RNBJ) today at home and I thanked my stars for not going to the theater and waste my precious money on this! I wouldn’t have gone to watch Gajani too if my friends hadn’t forced me. If I really wanted to see a super hero (literally), I would have watched Spiderman, Superman or Batman (Bah-Whatever-man). Honestly, I am confused about a man like Aamir Khan, who gets such great power and force (and vengeance!) to strike at the villain/villains(all the chota mota rowdies!) . I am also confused about that girl (Anushka sharma) in RNBJ, who was too dumb to differentiate between the ‘mustached husband – Shahrukh’ and the ‘clean shaven loverboy – Shahrukh’.  (C’mon! Its not that difficult to even find the differences between two Chinese people!!! ***).  I mean, how dumb Bollywood (a.k.a Hindi cinema) can ever get ?

But on the contrary, we had the ‘saubagya’ to watch some wonderful movies like, A wednesday, Rock on!, Fashion, etc (I can’t remember any more films). I don’t know where Bollywood is heading !

Well, Lets see whats 2009 has in store for us !

*Hoping to see some good movies!*
*** – No offense Chinese people.

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New year, Old resolutions..

……. Sigh!

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Fanatics, Craziness and Religion !

This happened recently in Orissa. A girl, mistaken to be a christian (Wtf ?) was gang raped and burnt alive. Which religion appreciates such barbaric and heinous act ? Defnitely not Hinduism. What are these “Hindu fanatics” ( I wonder do they really know the meaning of hinduism!) trying to prove ? Doesn’t your religion teach you how to respect women ? Jeez..(Oops! I forgot I am a hindu). You guys make me sick. Here are some community posts I came across in orkut. I have removed the poster’s name for unknown reasons.

From a Hindu community…


A post in a Hindu community in Orkut



And this is a post from a christian community…

Post from a christian community in Orkut

Post from a christian community in Orkut

Please click on the image to see the ‘bigger picture’. In the first picture, the poster wants to push the muslims into the Indian Ocean.  In the second picture, Muslims want to ally with Christians for protests (I don’t know of what kind !) against ‘fanatic hindu’.

Ugh. Shame on you ! Respect women. Respect life. Stop this idiocracy. Please DONT be an idiot.

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