Posted by: nav33n | August 26, 2008

About me!

Guess me!

Guess me!

About me, this is the topic which has always troubled me. Most of the time, I am busy trying to figure out what I really am. Well, here is some info about me.

Name: Naveen

Age: 25

Profession: Software Engineer

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India


Hmm.. My interests.. Well, I like going on long drives (that includes a trip to Goa (700kms) on a bike!). I also love computers and I spend most of my time (like 15 hours) in front of the computer ! I am a movie buff! I watch so many movies everyday, that sometimes, I tend to forget which movie I have already watched !

I am also a Kitchen scientist. I love experimenting with new receipes (I am not a good cook, but I am not that bad either). I have 6 months of on-site experience in cooking 😛

I love music. Rock, country, Alt rock, Trance, Native American chants, is what I listen to ( I also listen to good Kannada and Hindi songs). I sing when I am bored ( and when no one is around). I also have a guitar and I use it as a show piece.

* I am an introvert by birth, but if I get going, I keep going !

* I am very possessive about my things !

* I am as stubborn as an ass.

* I hate liars and hypocrites.

Apart from all these, I have a German Shepherd dog and his name is Hitler. He is, undoubtedly, my best friend and I love playing with him! I am high on life. Well, thats about me!



  1. hmmmmmm interesting… and about guessing,, i think its 1st one from right

  2. and ha thanks a lot for the post…

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