Posted by: nav33n | August 27, 2008

I phone, You phone ?

The much hyped Apple’s Iphone was recently launched in India incorporated with Airtel and Vodafone. The phone, which has a price tag of Rs. 31,000 for 8 gb memory and Rs. 36,000 for 16 gb memory is undoubtedly VERY expensive.

The phone boasts of 3G, maps with GPS, easy internet browsing and microsoft exchange. It also has all the basic features a phone can offer. Other than that, it is also an “ipod with a large display” ! Yes, the phone is good (kinda). But is it really worth 31k or 36k ? I don’t think so.

The same phone is available in US for $199, that is approximately, Rs. 9000. I mean, who would buy this phone when there are so many other phones available in the market with almost same/better features and a better price ?

If you love ‘eyecandy’, then this phone is for you. Oh, provided, you don’t mind spending 31 odd thousand on a stupid phone which doesn’t have bluetooth. (It has bluetooth, but it supports only bluetooth headset !)

Overall, Iphone is an ordinary but expensive phone and isn’t worth 31 thousand.


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