Posted by: nav33n | September 27, 2008

Ghost(s) haunting Bangalore International (and me)

Its exactly 19 mins since I started thinking what to write. And also, looking at the situation I am in, its definitely not a good time to write(Its 4-19 am , a minute less for my number). Not that I wasn’t sleeping. I was woken up by a nightmare! I am getting a lot of them for the past 2 days. Not that I hate nightmares, I actually love them. But, not when its the same nightmare every night ! I am not going to get into the minute details of my nightmare here.
What are dreams/nightmares ? How does it happen ? Would it be the ‘fantasy world’ of the mind ? Isn’t it the mind which is ‘picturising’ the scene ? Mind has the great power of simulating a world of its own and have characters in it (and we call it dreams!). Dreams, can it be the window to the parallel world ? Only god knows. Every living being dreams. My dog dreams! Don’t ask me about microbes, bacterias and viruses. I don’t really know. How about plants ? Can plants dream ? Umm.. I don’t think so. Even though I know the fact that plants have life, I am a lil confused about that.
Ghosts! The latest ‘rumour’ to ‘haunt’ Bangalore city is the spotting of a Senorita ghost. According to a news channel, a woman in white saree was seen sitting in the middle ofย  the runway (she must be feeling very lonely out there ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ). When the airport officials arrived at the spot, there was no one! Wooo! spooky! I wonder what the pilot was on (You know what I mean ?). There is also another rumour, according to which, the lift was found going up and down on its own! Some say, the place where BIAL stands, was a burial ground before.Hmmm! And also, BIAL staff are so scared to go to work on monday (night shifts) because monday is Mahalaya amavaase. I mean, WTF! There are no ghosts. Even if there were, they would be scared of us. Duh!
Anyways, Its time to enjoy another dream/nightmare. Boom! *Disappears*



  1. I know how to get rid of em ghosts!

    Offer them a ride on one of the notorious call-center cabs, and they’ll stop haunting us!!!

    I’m curious though — why do all ghosts have the same attire? Hair let loose, white saree, et al?

    Burial ground yeah! We guys at my workplace spread the same nonsense at work about the vacant plot of land next to our campus, and had quite a few of our colleagues s*hit in their pants

  2. why do all ghosts have the same attire? Hair let loose, white saree, et al?

    Maybe to impress male ghosts ? LOL.. You know, (ghost)men love (ghost) women with long hair! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I don’t understand why (some) people are so scared of burial grounds. Those are the dead people ‘RESTING’ in peace afterall. Sigh!

  3. its time pass fun…….. but its turning red hot!!!

  4. Sad but true! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the latest update on the same! I wonder where did that ghost disappear!

  5. Crazy stuff! nice reading your post ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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