Posted by: nav33n | October 24, 2008

Fanatics, Craziness and Religion !

This happened recently in Orissa. A girl, mistaken to be a christian (Wtf ?) was gang raped and burnt alive. Which religion appreciates such barbaric and heinous act ? Defnitely not Hinduism. What are these “Hindu fanatics” ( I wonder do they really know the meaning of hinduism!) trying to prove ? Doesn’t your religion teach you how to respect women ? Jeez..(Oops! I forgot I am a hindu). You guys make me sick. Here are some community posts I came across in orkut. I have removed the poster’s name for unknown reasons.

From a Hindu community…


A post in a Hindu community in Orkut



And this is a post from a christian community…

Post from a christian community in Orkut

Post from a christian community in Orkut

Please click on the image to see the ‘bigger picture’. In the first picture, the poster wants to push the muslims into the Indian Ocean.  In the second picture, Muslims want to ally with Christians for protests (I don’t know of what kind !) against ‘fanatic hindu’.

Ugh. Shame on you ! Respect women. Respect life. Stop this idiocracy. Please DONT be an idiot.



  1. Really…this is disgusting…I have never been fanatical about anything except may be a specific brand of hair conditioner.
    Guess we should bundle all these so called fanatics and put them in an IT company. Lack od sunlight and looong working hrs “constuctively employed”, will cool minds and get them in the right perspective.

  2. IT company ? eh ? That was a good one! But yep, our country will not progress unless ‘someone’ educate these fanatics about unity in diversity 🙂

  3. I love your thoughts… looking forward to more posts 🙂

  4. Happy New Year to you and your family

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