Posted by: nav33n | January 19, 2009

The twisted Bollywood…

I watched Rab ne banadi jodi (in short, RNBJ) today at home and I thanked my stars for not going to the theater and waste my precious money on this! I wouldn’t have gone to watch Gajani too if my friends hadn’t forced me. If I really wanted to see a super hero (literally), I would have watched Spiderman, Superman or Batman (Bah-Whatever-man). Honestly, I am confused about a man like Aamir Khan, who gets such great power and force (and vengeance!) to strike at the villain/villains(all the chota mota rowdies!) . I am also confused about that girl (Anushka sharma) in RNBJ, who was too dumb to differentiate between the ‘mustached husband – Shahrukh’ and the ‘clean shaven loverboy – Shahrukh’.  (C’mon! Its not that difficult to even find the differences between two Chinese people!!! ***).  I mean, how dumb Bollywood (a.k.a Hindi cinema) can ever get ?

But on the contrary, we had the ‘saubagya’ to watch some wonderful movies like, A wednesday, Rock on!, Fashion, etc (I can’t remember any more films). I don’t know where Bollywood is heading !

Well, Lets see whats 2009 has in store for us !

*Hoping to see some good movies!*
*** – No offense Chinese people.


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