Posted by: nav33n | January 28, 2009

Shame on you!

Sri Rama sene (The hypocrites) – Shame on you for using Lord Rama’s name for doing such SHITTY HORRIBLE SHAMEFUL acts.

Dakshina Kannada police/Mangalore police – Shame on you for not taking quick action against ‘the saviours of Hindutva‘  (Bleh).

BJP – Shame on you for neglecting the issue and for letting hooligan organisations like Sri Rama sene, Bajrang Dal to grow.

First of all, Do you (yes, you, the hypocrite fools) even know what Hindutva means ? Is molesting women a part of Hindutva ? Beating/brutally assaulting women is Hindutva perhaps ? Who the fuck are you to protect Hindutva ? Who gave you the rights to snatch someone elses freedom ? I am sure even Talibans would have treated their women better. My blood reached its ‘boiling point’ when I saw the video footage of men (men ? really ? I doubt) dragging women out of the pub, hitting them black and blue. THIS IS NOT HINDUTVA. I am also 100% sure that 99% of Sri Rama sene guys keep their eyes, ears, mouth wide open while watching ‘item numbers’  in the movies. Isn’t that true ? Eh ? Honestly speaking, you guys are a bunch of jokers making fun of Hindutva at International level. Haha! The joke is on you. 

Women have equal rights as men do and if they wish to go to pubs, let them go. If they want to drink, let them drink. What the hell is your problem ?  Why does that hurt you so much ? Ever heard of the word FREEDOM ? NON-VIOLENCE ? I don’t think so.

Having said that, all those who are found guilty should be severely punished. This should serve as a warning to all the dumb protectors of Hindutva who think they can do whatever they want and get away with it. The government should wake up from its deep sleep and do atleast something in favor of the society.

PS. I was taught this when I was in school. Its never too late. You should learn this too.

Yatr nariyastu poojayante ramante tatr devah, meaning, where the women are worshipped, there the gods dwell.



  1. You know what it takes hours of thought to figure out where these arseholes really spring up from? but the answer is kill them before they spread like a fuckin cancer.
    You know what these MFs should not be left to screw their wives when they go home. The people of India should cut their pricks and offer them as sacrifices to the Sri Ram Sena chief. Maybe then his soul will come to peace. That son-of-a-bitch assaults women. fuckin coward – why doesn’t he do the same to his mother and sisters- fuckin fuck face. he looks like a over-grown prick that son-of-a-bitch.
    I am really sorry, but we the people of India who “Care” have seen enough of this nonsense and thus all this filthy language. Please Mr/Ms Editor, please publish this blog…..”People need to wake up” – it is high time!!!

  2. Ravan, I honestly don’t know when this is going to end. February 14th is just around the corner and I am expecting another ugly incident like this one! Unless these organisations are banned, these things will keep repeating. Even if one organisation like Sri Rama sene is banned, another one, maybe, a Lakshmana sene will appear outta nowhere!
    This is what Karnataka Mahila Rakshana Vedike president Bhargavi said about the incident (Taken from The Times of India 29-01-2009). “It is against Indian culture and women are to be blamed for the episode. Government has given licence and permitted men to visit pubs”.
    I don’t know what to say ! 😐

  3. Hey Nav33n, You are so right. The so called “Leaders” who represent us cause the maximum damage. We all know these are politically enticed incidents, but the general public feel the brunt of it all. 14th Feb is going to be another blood bath for those who represent the civilized part of the society. Shame on all these type of facists cowards and may they burn HELL! and yeah ASAP!!!!

  4. yes u r right .it just a time for them to make a issue .nothing els .but its not going to stay for a long time god is seeing eveything whats happening and they r going to get punished soon .

  5. @Sayeed, Amen to that!

  6. Ok guys you have said sooo much abt the recent incident. I am also against the so called “PM” dominance/”Moral Policing”. But just stand in a position of a father, brother,son or husband…. Do you admit or stand in the same opinion if any of your daughters, sisters, wives, mothers follow a type of practice which takes your family’s reputation to dust?? Would you allow your females wear provocative clothes, drink and dance with other males in public. Doesn’t it sound awkward??

    When we males do so much to hold the family’s reputaion, who the hell are these females to just throw away our efforts. I also want to ask you a question ARE YOU PEOPLE READY TO GIVE AWAY YOUR FAMILY’S REPUTATION AND LIVE EFFORTLESSLY IN THIS SOCIETY?? I am very keen to put this type of question because I personally believe that rather than males, the females are the sole repesentatives of the family.

    Pls answer my questions then I shall debate on this matter

  7. Rahul, My point is, Why only men should have all the fun ? Are men superior and women inferior ? If men can go to pubs and grab some beer, why cant women do the same ?
    What are men doing to keep up their family’s reputation ? How do you define reputation ?
    I can’t say much about what those women in Mangalore’s pub were upto since I didn’t witness it. Even if they were doing something illegal, who are these people to ‘man-handle’ them ?
    Personally, I don’t like women who smoke/drink and that is my ‘personal’ opinion. But just because I don’t like to see them smoking/drinking, I don’t go on a rampage hitting them!

  8. Hey Rahul, How are you buddy. I agree with you when it comes to be a parent. I am a Father and I understand what it means to let your Child go estray, but I would rather correct my Child rather the Child been beaten up by some rowdies. Who are they? I mean Who the fuck are they? You know this is the 21st century – If the political parties want some agenda on Morality in the society, they should call on the press, take a mic and speak about it, identify these problems and make ways to resolve them. Make it aware for the millions of people who watch Television everyday. For example – 1.> A Public Message on National T.V. 2.> A protest rally (a peaceful one). But treating women like this – a shame to us Indians. You know we have a enemy across the border, but i think “We” are our own enemy. I am from Mumbai and I have seen many vulgar incidents on the roads with couples (young kids and mind you grown-ups from Joint families) almost having “sex” at beach sides or Bandra reclamation areas. It is disgusting and it is the DUTY of the police to take care of such matters, but not for a bunch of fuck-faced chimps like the Shree Ram Sena. I will tell you this – In India, the girl child is not welcomed into homes till date – be it Villages or modern cities. If the Shree Ram Sena feel that the Women represents the pride of a family they should go adhere to the cases where new born girl children are thrown in gutters and garbage cans just to lie down and die.
    The people who go to the kottas and red-light areas are “Men”, the “Men” are the ones who eve-tease, the men are the ones who drink and beat up their wives and children. So out of the 1 million bad things that men do, how come they are not penalised for any? Did you manage to see the promos of the Hindi movie- Dev D on B4U and you will see that it is a ADULT movie. Where is Shree Ram Sena and it’s monkeys ? Isn’t part of their “Job Description”
    Frankly, I and I think India feel that we have lost a lot of cultural values in the last 7-8 years. I think we could beat the U.S.A in this matter!!!

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