Posted by: nav33n | March 3, 2009

Sri lankan cricket team attacked..

Terrorists strike again, this time, in Pakistan. 2 terrorists (some reports say 10) attacked the bus carrying Srilankan players to the Gaddafi stadium. I can’t believe the audacity of these terrorists.  Thankfully, none of the players were seriously injured and everyone is out of danger. But unfortunately, 5 police men were killed. The attack took place at the center of Lahore amidst high security ! So far, no terrorist organisation have come forward to take the ‘credit’ for this episode of terror. Whether there was a security lapse, or, the terrorists had a well sketched plan. However, its the subcontinent which has taken the beating. Ugh.

India cricket team was supposed to tour Pakistan. But it backed out after Mumbai’s attack on Nov 26th. Srilanka voluntarily went to Pakistan to play 2 test matches. Who expected such thing to happen anyway ?

Looking at the situation at this moment, I don’t know which team would dare to visit Pakistan to play cricket (or any other sport for that matter). 

Uncertainty hovers over Cricket World cup 2011, which is supposed  to be played in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Srilanka. Its more unlikely to happen. 

Its a shame for Pakistan
* who are unable (or not willing ) to curb terrorism (even after taking millions of dollars of aid from USA )
* and also for allowing Taliban to grow in their backyard like weed.


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