Posted by: nav33n | May 15, 2009


The day was April 23rd. The big day. The voting day. I, as other responsible citizen of India (yes, the 52% of the population (in Bangalore) who voted, not the rest) was ready to make my vote count.

Considering my constituency to be Bangalore South, I found all the 3 representatives from Congress (Byre Gowda), BJP (Ananth Kumar) and Independent candidate (Captain Gopinath) to be equally eligible. I even went through their ‘net-portofolios’ to see what they have done to the city. Hmm..nothing much, but not bad either.

On the voting day, to my utter surprise, I found my constituency to be Bangalore RURAL ! Bangalore Rural ? Since when JP nagar 9th phase became rural ???

When I looked at the ‘contenders’ list, I didn’t feel like casting my vote. None of the representatives were good enough. NONE. The person who painted my nail blue had no idea about Rule 49-O. I had no choice but to vote for someone, someone who had a history of corruption. Sigh!

I wasted my ‘precious’. But thats not the point. I don’t mind voting anyone as long as there is ‘positive’ development and zero corruption. We NEED change.

Finally, a last word to all the parties. Please don’t let my vote go wasted. Whoever wins, please act sensibly and responsibly. Develop this country by eradicating illiteracy and unemployment. Please help poor people to rise above poverty line. Provide them shelter and a job to survive. Remembering the minority only during the elections has been happening since stone ages. Please do something in return. Encourage poor children to attend school by providing free meals. Provide scholarships to those who can’t afford higher studies. Support farmers. Farmers make the backbone of this country and they are falling because of the unbearable debts. Protect the people by providing security from terrorists, Hindu fanatics (Yes, those who take the violence path) and even petty thieves. Caste system is a bane. Banish untouchability in villages (It exists. People are still ill-treated in some villages). India is a secular country. Don’t let religion influence any of your decisions. We don’t want another Godhra or Babri riot. About technological progress, Please support scientists to do whatever research they are doing (Our scientists are smarter than those in NASA (not a joke!). They know what they are doing!). Improve infrastructure of all the major cities as the roads are getting congested and the traffic is multiplying like a deadly virus. Every hour we spend in this traffic, we lose 2 days of our lifeline! Gah! just a joke, but you get the point. I am talking about pollution. Please, do something for our next generation. Even they have the right to breathe fresh air. Don’t they ? Government should instantiate vanamahotsava in all the villages, cities and wherever possible).

Apart from all these things, Support art and sports. Lets win some olympics. Shall we ?

Now, that, according to me, is Rama rajya. Don’t you think ?

Thanks for reading.


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