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Ghost(s) haunting Bangalore International (and me)

Its exactly 19 mins since I started thinking what to write. And also, looking at the situation I am in, its definitely not a good time to write(Its 4-19 am , a minute less for my number). Not that I wasn’t sleeping. I was woken up by a nightmare! I am getting a lot of them for the past 2 days. Not that I hate nightmares, I actually love them. But, not when its the same nightmare every night ! I am not going to get into the minute details of my nightmare here.
What are dreams/nightmares ? How does it happen ? Would it be the ‘fantasy world’ of the mind ? Isn’t it the mind which is ‘picturising’ the scene ? Mind has the great power of simulating a world of its own and have characters in it (and we call it dreams!). Dreams, can it be the window to the parallel world ? Only god knows. Every living being dreams. My dog dreams! Don’t ask me about microbes, bacterias and viruses. I don’t really know. How about plants ? Can plants dream ? Umm.. I don’t think so. Even though I know the fact that plants have life, I am a lil confused about that.
Ghosts! The latest ‘rumour’ to ‘haunt’ Bangalore city is the spotting of a Senorita ghost. According to a news channel, a woman in white saree was seen sitting in the middle of  the runway (she must be feeling very lonely out there 😦 ). When the airport officials arrived at the spot, there was no one! Wooo! spooky! I wonder what the pilot was on (You know what I mean ?). There is also another rumour, according to which, the lift was found going up and down on its own! Some say, the place where BIAL stands, was a burial ground before.Hmmm! And also, BIAL staff are so scared to go to work on monday (night shifts) because monday is Mahalaya amavaase. I mean, WTF! There are no ghosts. Even if there were, they would be scared of us. Duh!
Anyways, Its time to enjoy another dream/nightmare. Boom! *Disappears*

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Lazy bugger!

My mom says I am lazy. I don’t say a word because I know I am lazy ! All my clothes are scattered on the floor. I have a month’s old newspaper(from August till today)  in my room. I have so many unwashed underwear! Lol.. I have tried so many times not to be so dead and lazy, but all my attempts have failed. I am so lazy that I go to work late every single day. I take my own sweet time to do something.. Damn! The worst part is, Even after knowing that I am lazy, I can’t do anything about it.. Hmm.. If anyone has ANY suggestion(s) on how NOT to be lazy, please, help me!!!

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Love ? At first sight ?







Posted by: nav33n | August 28, 2008

Mussanje maathu – Ninna noDalentho

I love this song! Its been running non-stop on my personal computer, mobile and office computer (for more than 50 times) ! I couldn’t find the lyrics of this song anywhere on the Internet.  So, I wrote it myself. If you find something wrong with the lyrics (typo or pronunciation), buzz me with the right lyrics !

Ninna noDalentho – Mussanje maathu

ninna noDalentho, maathanaaDalentho,
manasa keLalentho, preethi heLalentho,
aha onthara thara,
heLalonthara thara, keLalonthara thara (2)

ninna noDalentho, maathanaaDalentho,
manasa keLalentho, preethi heLalentho,
aha onthara thara,
heLalonthara thara, keLalonthara thara (2)

ho… kaNNigenu kaNadhe, sparshavenu illadhe,
yeno nanna kaaDidhe, yenu arthavagadhe,
hagalu ratri ninnadhe, nooru nenapu muDidhe,
nannaleno agidhe, heLalenu agadhe,
manasu mayaventho, madhura bhaavaventho,
payana yelligentho, nayana seralentho,
milanavagalentho, gamana yello yentho,
aha onthara thara,
heLalonthara thara, keLalonthara thara (2)

mella mella melluva, sanheyalli kolluva,
sadhhe iradha utsava, preethiyondhe yellava,
gallu gallu yennuva, hridhaya gejje naadhava,
preethi thandha raagava, thaaLalenthu bhaavava,
hrudhayadalli yentho, udayavaayithentho,
sanihavaagalentho, kanasa kaaNalentho,
harusha yeno yentho, sogasa heLalentho,
aha onthara thara,
heLalonthara thara, keLalonthara thara (4)

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I phone, You phone ?

The much hyped Apple’s Iphone was recently launched in India incorporated with Airtel and Vodafone. The phone, which has a price tag of Rs. 31,000 for 8 gb memory and Rs. 36,000 for 16 gb memory is undoubtedly VERY expensive.

The phone boasts of 3G, maps with GPS, easy internet browsing and microsoft exchange. It also has all the basic features a phone can offer. Other than that, it is also an “ipod with a large display” ! Yes, the phone is good (kinda). But is it really worth 31k or 36k ? I don’t think so.

The same phone is available in US for $199, that is approximately, Rs. 9000. I mean, who would buy this phone when there are so many other phones available in the market with almost same/better features and a better price ?

If you love ‘eyecandy’, then this phone is for you. Oh, provided, you don’t mind spending 31 odd thousand on a stupid phone which doesn’t have bluetooth. (It has bluetooth, but it supports only bluetooth headset !)

Overall, Iphone is an ordinary but expensive phone and isn’t worth 31 thousand.

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About me!

Guess me!

Guess me!

About me, this is the topic which has always troubled me. Most of the time, I am busy trying to figure out what I really am. Well, here is some info about me.

Name: Naveen

Age: 25

Profession: Software Engineer

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India


Hmm.. My interests.. Well, I like going on long drives (that includes a trip to Goa (700kms) on a bike!). I also love computers and I spend most of my time (like 15 hours) in front of the computer ! I am a movie buff! I watch so many movies everyday, that sometimes, I tend to forget which movie I have already watched !

I am also a Kitchen scientist. I love experimenting with new receipes (I am not a good cook, but I am not that bad either). I have 6 months of on-site experience in cooking 😛

I love music. Rock, country, Alt rock, Trance, Native American chants, is what I listen to ( I also listen to good Kannada and Hindi songs). I sing when I am bored ( and when no one is around). I also have a guitar and I use it as a show piece.

* I am an introvert by birth, but if I get going, I keep going !

* I am very possessive about my things !

* I am as stubborn as an ass.

* I hate liars and hypocrites.

Apart from all these, I have a German Shepherd dog and his name is Hitler. He is, undoubtedly, my best friend and I love playing with him! I am high on life. Well, thats about me!

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